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Scratch Repair on cars is not an easy job, until today!

Scratch Repair on cars is not an easy thing for people who are not very skilled in repairing anything. Even if it seems rather simple there are a lot of steps that might damage the paint of your car even further. Not all scratches are the same, some are deeply engraved in the paint, others are but skin-deep. And they both need to be repaired differently. Now, not everyone is in the mood to actually waste so much effort on repairing, covering or removing a scratch. Or at least, I … Lees verder →

Car Paint Repair needed? New product suited for every scratch!

Car Paint Repair needed? It is not an easy task to fix your car paint after it is damaged. No matter how small the scratches on your car may be, you will need to be exactly sure what you are doing when trying to fix them. But let us face it, almost no one is really sure of what they are doing. And that is rather dangerous when working with certain chemicals and tools… In the end cars end up even more damaged or nothing really changed. And of course … Lees verder →